Know about the basic principles of responsive web design

Here are the 10 basic principles of Responsive Web Design that our web design company provides.

1. Quality and Credibility:

If a web page can provide high-quality content, any user can compromise with the website design and advertisements in it and this is the only reason that the websites with basic design also getting a lot of traffic (due to quality content). One should remember the first and basic principle that content is the king of the website.

2. User Analysis:

Users don’t read, but scan. While analyzing a page, users search for the anchors that guide them through the related content of a page.

3. Impatient Web Users:

If you think in a user perspective, you can easily know how impatient the web user is. If your website doesn’t reach the user expectations, then as a designer you are failed to get your job done, thus your company will be in loss. If you keep the cognitive load higher and the navigation less intuitive, the users will search for alternatives.

4. No Optimal Choices:

Users always choose the reasonable option. If they think that particular link may take them to their destination, they will definitely click on the link. Optimizing is really hard and takes time, but satisfying is more efficient.

5. Users Intuition:

Most of the times, users don’t read the information provided, but they muddle through. The reason behind it is they just don’t bother. Users need something that works well, but not how the things work. So just concentrate on user intuition.